COVID-19 & The Rise of the Remote Workforce

Create a Remote Connected Workforce

Whether a medical facility, manufacturer, or Fortune 100 company, Black Box is designing, deploying, and managing the optimal IT infrastructure, network, mobility, and communications solutions for clients around the globe. Black Box gets your remote workforce up and running – and we keep them that way.

Communications & Collaboration

Black Box enables end-to-end solutions that give teams the ability to fully communicate and collaborate across towns and across continents. Our industry-leading partners include: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel (ShoreTel), NEC, and Unify.


Maintaining secure, seamless access to software, applications, files, and tools that live on a company’s network is vital for remote workers. Black Box has the expertise to design, deploy, and manage your remote connectivity system.


We recognize that maintaining regular business operations is a top priority; at the same time, we understand you may not have all the tools and capabilities needed. We can assess your requirements and recommend the best solution for your business.


In today’s work environment, capacity is critical to enable remote workers. You need extra power, performance, and bandwidth to support your remote team. We can also increase your IT capacity with on-site and remote technicians and support services.

CPaaS (and More)

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) gives you call deflection, automated communications, and more. Other services include secure and reliable 4G connectivity for remote workers without internet connectivity or with poor internet connections.


How to Reach Us

For additional information, solutions consulting, or sales inquiries, please complete our contact form. For urgent requests, call us at 1-800-251-3028.

Exceptional Customer Stories

With people and businesses around the globe facing unprecedented challenges, Black Box wants to shine a light on the exceptional ways our team is helping our clients.


Install Critical Phone System in 48 Hours

A national elder-care home in Tennessee experienced a communications crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. The facility’s aging phone system completely stopped working and left clinicians, administration, and patients with no service. This was a critical communication failure, especially as families could not contact their loved ones by phone. Black Box received the call for help on a Thursday. By Saturday, the facility had a modern communications system installed and by Sunday 100 percent of the phones were operational.

Remote Work for 100 COVID-19 Engineers

A large pharmaceutical company had been working round the clock to produce COVID-19 tests. The company produced two million tests in just three weeks. But as the pandemic worsened and spread, the company had to enable remote working for one hundred of its engineers. They called Black Box. We were able to implement a home-agent solution and reprogram their UC from a premise-based model to a remote model.

2,000 Mobile Devices in 2 Days

In preparation for COVID-19 cases, a major healthcare system with three hospitals and 400 plus clinics was setting up triage tents in the parking lots of its hospitals. The Director of Telecommunications called Black Box and placed an expedited order of 2,000 mobile communications systems, including licenses, for its workers at the three hospitals. They requested that the materials be shipped immediately. The Black Box team powered through the request, and all the communications sets arrived at the three hospitals two business days after the request came in.

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Special Savings and Offers

Whether you’re in a large enterprise, a small business, or somewhere in between, you want to enable remote working in the most effective way while keeping safety at the forefront. We are committed to helping you ensure business continuity even when things aren’t “business as usual.” When work moves into the home, a lot of communications tools get left in the office. That’s why we want to make sure you know about special offers from our partners.

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Rapid Workspace Reconfiguration

Bring people back to work in the best way possible. We can help you rethink the office environment to enable people to create, connect, and collaborate safely and responsibly. A few changes can create an environment where workers can be comfortable, productive, and socially distanced.

Want to learn more?

For additional information, solutions consulting, or sales inquiries, please complete our contact form. For urgent requests, call us at 1-800-251-3028.