Rapid Workspace Reconfiguration


Bring People Back to the Office — Safely.

Bring people back to work in the best way possible. We can help you rethink the office environment to enable people to create, connect, and collaborate safely and responsibly. A few changes can create an environment where workers can be comfortable, productive, and socially distanced.

Retrofit. Reconfigure. Reinvent.



Make the most of your existing workspace as effectively and economically as possible. 

  • Create new workspaces
  • Reconfigure existing workspaces
  • Install partitions
  • Move/remove/install cabling/wiring
  • Use existing cabling/patch cords


Presence Detectors

Smart lights can indicate when it is safe to enter a coffee, copy, or meeting room for safe distancing.

  • Install smart light switches/sensors
  • Replace light switches with smart sensors
  • Install social distancing monitors
  • Move/reconfigure work area lighting
  • Track number/movement of people



Add or extend wireless capacity to offices to make it easier for team members to work safely.  

  • Extend Wi-Fi in existing office areas
  • Add Wi-Fi to new office workspaces/rooms
  • Upgrade Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Increase network capacity
  • Install smart technology

Rapid Reconfiguration Services

If you are looking to retrofit or reconfigure your office, please contact us. We have extensive experience in rapid response work. Part of that includes setting up remote work applications for customers in every industry across the country. We can help with everything from the cabling and infrastructure to networking and mobility capabilities. Contact us for more information — and a rapid response.


A client commented on Black Box’s support for their office reconfiguration:
“My thanks to all. This type of response is extraordinary in normal circumstances. To do it during a pandemic is unimaginable. We truly appreciate the efforts of all (and I know there are many) that made this happen.”