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Embrace the Edge

The intelligent digital edge is the place where people and devices meet, where data is created and consumed, where applications are shared, and where the magic of digital transformation happens—turning good companies into great ones.


Make Mobility Happen

Digital transformation in any enterprise needs the right intelligent edge foundational technology to accommodate the explosion of devices and meet increasing end-user demands.

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Retail Intelligence

Consumer expectations are transforming the retail landscape. Improve customer loyalty through personalized shopping, increased customer engagement and a 360° view of the customer.


Simplify IT with Edge Services

The demand on IT teams and resources has never been greater. You have to deliver new solutions on time and on budget, all while keeping your current capabilities operational. Luckily, IT teams don’t have to work alone. As a trusted Managed Services Provider, Black Box designs, deploys, and manages technology at the Intelligent Digital Edge. We take the complexity out of IT and Simplify IT.


UC&C - Teaming Environment

Successful enterprises know their competitive advantage lies in their workforce and today’s workforce is the most diverse ever with four generations working side by side, each with a preferred way of communicating from phone calls to video conferencing. Innovative companies have learned how to create a teaming environment that’s adaptable to individual needs while maximizing productivity, information sharing and collective problem solving.

Center of Medical Interoperability - Medical Mobility


Medical Mobility Implementation

Bill Bundy from the Center for Medical Interoperability, discusses why it’s so important how wireless is implemented in hospitals and how it affects patient, guest, clinician and staff communications.

Trusted Medical Mobility

Dr. Kelly Aldrich from the Center for Medical Interoperability, discusses the challenges of medical mobility and why its underlying infrastructure is so important to patient care.

What is Medical Interoperability

An expert from the Center of Medical Interoperability explains why it is so important for medical devices to talk to each other and share patient data to improve safety and care.

The Mobile Knowledge Worker

The chief transformation officer at the Center for Medical Interoperability discusses why trusted wireless is so important to clinicians and what they need to do their jobs well.

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