How Three Letters Can Improve Teaming and Revolutionize Your Business

Transform the way people work—and your business—with Unified Communications & Collaboration. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to achieve positive productivity in the workplace is by partnering with one of the unified communications and collaboration companies. By combining , meetings and content sharing together in one cohesive solution, UC&C maximizes your team’s ability to effectively collaborate and produce in the most efficient manner possible.

Black Box is the trusted digital leader in UC&C, and with a robust portfolio of best-in-class partners across all industries, we can provide the right solution to drive innovation, revenue, and productivity. We can easily meet your UC&C needs whether it's on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

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Make digital transformation possible at the Digital Edge with a Mobile First strategy.


Make digital transformation possible at the Digital Edge with a Mobile First strategy.

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What is UC&C?
See how three letters, UC&C, can revolutionize your business and generate positive productivity.

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Begin Your UC&C Journey
Drive business innovation through communications and collaboration.

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What's the Difference?
Learn about the three UC&C options: on-premises, cloud-hosted, and hybrid.

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Comprehensive Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions

UC&C gives you new ways to communicate and collaborate by bringing together voice, video, and data onto a single on-premises, hybrid or cloud network. As your trusted digital partner, Black Box can help you find the right solutions for your enterprise.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Successful enterprises know their competitive advantage lies in their workforce and today’s workforce is the most diverse ever with four generations working side by side, each with a preferred way of communicating from phone calls to video conferencing. Innovative companies have learned how to create a teaming environment that’s adaptable to individual needs while maximizing productivity, information sharing and collective problem solving.


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Examining Your Unified Communications & Collaboration

Personalized Journey

Bridge the generational gap in your robust and diverse workforce with a uniform approach to communication. Black Box Unified Communications & Collaboration services empower your team members to work intelligently on whichever device they like. We will examine your UC&C journey and establish where you can start your UC&C adaptation.

The UC&C Umbrella

Think of all the ways your business communicates. Meetings, conference calls, messages, content sharing and whiteboarding are tools for collaboration. Bring them together with a single enterprise-wide solution that leverages these different forms of communication to boost productivity. Imagine everyone on the same page. Black Box can get you there.

Improving Critical Communication Variables

The cloud gives you access anywhere. Mobile gives you access on any device. User experience generates higher adoption and implementation for better interoperability — increased workflow across platform. Why wouldn’t you embrace UC&C? Black Box can help and give you the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Where Do We Start?

Work quickly to identify needs and outline a plan of action.  Contact a Black Box expert today.

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