SimplEdge is a comprehensive new concept in enabling digital transformation for organizations with branches. Designed to be a managed, digital-ready, self-contained network in a box, SimplEdge allows organizations to deploy technology at scale with speed and consistency-at hundreds of sites or even thousands.

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More Wireless Users, More Bandwidth

Digital transformation in any enterprise requires sufficient foundational technology to accommodate the explosion of wireless devices and to meet increasing end-user demands. Successful enterprises understand that a future-ready mobility solution built to enable capacity, scale, and consistency is critical to driving the business outcomes needed to stay ahead of the competition. Mobility solutions connect devices, drive collaboration, and enable positive end-user experiences. When you make mobility happen, you enable wireless connectivity at the intelligent digital edge.  

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Make digital transformation possible at the Digital Edge with a Mobile First strategy.


Make digital transformation possible at the Digital Edge with a Mobile First strategy.


Make Mobility Happen
Find out how to create the foundation necessary to enable a mobile-first strategy in this eBook.

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Answers to Your 10 Most FAQ about 5G
What is 5G? What's the difference between 4G and 5G? When will 5G arrive for me? Find out in this FAQ.

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What is SD-WAN?
Why is SD-WAN so important? Find out why the SD-WAN market is exploding.

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Comprehensive Wireless Solutions Take Mobility to the Next Level

Talk to Black Box about how a comprehensive wireless strategy will create uniform user experiences across hundreds of locations or support thousands of wireless devices in high-density environments. Because wireless requirements vary from location to location, a vital component of implementing a successful mobile-first strategy is to consider all the wireless technologies needed to provide unrestricted mobility. We are uniquely positioned to help you achieve this through a combination of technologies (DAS/4G Small Cells/Wi-Fi), solutions, and partners. Black Box makes mobility happen at the intelligent digital edge.

Make Mobility Happen

Digital transformation in any enterprise needs the right intelligent edge foundational technology to accommodate the explosion of devices and meet increasing end-user demands. Mobility solutions power technology, connect devices, drive collaboration, and enable anytime, anywhere positive end-user experiences.


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Embrace the Edge with Black Box


Black Box designs technology solutions for high-performance applications at the intelligent digital edge. We engineer solutions with capacity, security and consistency in mind by combining foundation technology like cabling, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G, and then we layer on the enabling technology like IoT devices, applications and collaboration tools. Our designs power your digital transformation plans.


We have the technical breadth, depth, and footprint to drive digital transformation at the intelligent edge for companies and industries with 1000s of distributed locations to mission-critical settings with 1000s of devices. Black Box has specialized technicians on the ground managing 100s of deployments every night with consistency, speed, and agility.


Black Box proactively manages the intelligent digital edge by handling your day-to-day operations with the transparency of service level agreements but the expertise of an Edge Service provider. When you engage with Black Box, you can truly leave the technology to us including service desk, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting – all with of best-in-class service.

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