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Strategies for Accelerating Business Growth & Sustaining Competitive Advantage

In the age of accelerated digital transformation, innovation and adaptability are crucial for IT teams around the world as well as C-Suites dedicated to business growth and business continuity. Join Black Box expert engineers, product managers, and industry-leading partners, as we explore how businesses are adapting to the radically shifting technology landscape.  

Reimagine Your Workplace: Your WorkFORCE is Ready — But is Your WorkPLACE? Ask Our Experts!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 2:00 P.M. EST (11 A.M. PST)


The COVID-19 crisis accelerated digital transformation for organizations of all shapes and sizes along the business spectrum, spurring corporate IT teams to support a new hybrid work environment. .

Today, your colleagues, clients and partners collaborate from anywhere at any time on any device across a combined network of remote and office locations. And studies show in some ways this growing hybrid workforce is more productive and more proficient working with technology than ever.

Now, it’s up to you to keep pace.

Whether you are a part of the leadership team choosing how workers can safely return to the office or a member of the technical team implementing the solutions that enable hybrid work, your challenge is delivering an outstanding, collaborative, secure, and seamless experience to your hybrid workforce wherever they operate.

How? In the basic terms of network operations – or NetOps – each remote work site becomes an edge location. And our panel of experts will help you reimagine and reshape this edge.

Join Black Box Edge Networking experts for an informative, inspiring, 45-minute discussion about mastering business and IT in the age of the hybrid workforce. After a brief presentation for perspective on escalating trends, our webinar features a full 30 minutes of live Q&A, with moderated interaction with panelists by chat and social media channels.

  • Your burning questions about the future of work and its impact on your IT, employees, and operations
  • Implementing a software-defined networking solution for hybrid work
  • Advancing to a wireless-first, wired back-up future for your network
  • Anticipating the next phase of hybrid work evolution
  • Downsizing commercial space and redirecting funding to standardizing home networking equipment

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Meet the Panelists 

Sam Smart
Sam Smart

Solutions Architect — Wireless, Black Box

Sam brings over 35 years of fine-tuned mastery as a communications/technology professional to Black Box. During a 20-year tour in the USAF as a telecommunications and networking specialist, followed by stints at BellSouth, Cingular Wireless, AT&T, Samsung, and ADTRAN, Sam honed his skills in networking and design and as a wireless SME. Throughout his career, Sam designed wireless solutions ranging from small office environments to large amusement parks that deployed Cisco, HPE, APCON, Avaya, Extreme Networks, Aruba, Checkpoint, and ADTRAN equipment. Sam delivers wireless solutions that not only solve his customers’ problems but also strengthen their teams.

Will Lysy
Will Lysy

Solutions Architect — SD-WAN, Black Box

Will is Cisco-certified with over 23 years of experience delivering IT solutions for Enterprise and Government Networking. A seasoned professional, Will guides Black Box clients in implementing and optimizing SD-WAN solutions, designing and consolidating data centers, ensuring cloud security and service chaining, automating and provisioning networks, and creating core networks and virtual networks. Focusing on best practices and thought leadership, Will goes the extra mile for his clients.

Randi Roger
Randi Roger

Senior Product Manager, Black Box

Randi is a recent addition to the Black Box team who’s focusing her skills on networking and security. Prior to joining Black Box, Randi enjoyed a successful 20-year career in the publishing industry that included an Amazon #1 rated book on security and an 18-month stint as acquisition editor for Novell Press.

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