Overcoming the Challenges of Changing Workplace Culture, Expectations, and Place

With COVID waning across the globe, business leaders, managers and employees are entering a new era. Whether in-office, hybrid, or fully remote — the how, when, why and where of work — has fundamentally changed. Along with it, the workforce is awakening to a new reality: where you live no longer dictates where you work. For employers facing an increasingly tight labor market, meeting the needs of employees has taken on greater importance, while the cost savings from shedding unwanted office space has further accelerated the drive toward a reimagined workplace. 

This type of workplace transformation doesn’t take place overnight and requires answers to challenging questions of how to: 


Return Safely

Returning to the office is more than social distancing and hand sanitizer. It’s reconfiguring our spaces for new work patterns, preferences, and technologies.

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Reconnect Seamlessly

The new hybrid workforce gives us the opportunity to reinvent how we interact and facilitate meaningful team engagement and collaboration.


Renew Resiliently

Retooling and future-proofing our organizations through technology ensures we not only survive the next business disruption but thrive.

Learn more in the checklist for HR, Facilities, and IT professionals.


How HR Can Create Intentional Workforce and Workplace Experiences 

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HR departments are taking the lead on reimaging the workplace and creating environments that drive collaboration and innovation.

Return: Strategically protect the health and safety of employees while satisfying both company leaders and team members.

Reconnect: Create work environments and policies that foster collaboration and productivity within hybrid teams.

Renew: Establish forward-looking policies that enable flexibility and increase the ROI on attracting and retaining talent. 


Learn more in the checklist for HR.

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How Facilities Can Raise the Comfort and Technology Level of the Workplace

Provide peace-of-mind that your building is safe, healthy, and ready for occupation and the future. 

Return: From hot desks to contactless technology, reconfigure workspaces for safety and distance.

Reconnect: Build and reconfigure the infrastructure for anywhere, everywhere communications and collaboration. 

Renew: Optimize your infrastructure for the coming waves of wireless, security, networking, and smart building technologies.


Learn more in the checklist for Facilities.

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How IT Can Create, Integrate, and Redefine Workplace Communications


IT_Reimagined Workplace

Drive change through technology to reimagine how people work, interact, and communicate — no matter where they are.

Return: From the front door to the office area and beyond, technology is key to making the hybrid workplace work. 

Reconnect: Rethink the collaboration experience to ensure every team member, everywhere, is engaged, inspired, and contributing.

Renew: Optimize the promise of business resiliency with seamless, secure communications and operation from anywhere.


Learn more in the checklist for IT.

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The Reimagined Workplace Step-by-Step Checklist

The pandemic gave us the freedom to rethink the workplace in ways that were previously “ unthinkable.” Every HR, IT, and Facilities leader has the same high-level goals: Return, Reconnect, and Renew the workplace. The tactics and strategies you use will depend on your role. 

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seven trends in AV

7 Trends in Post-COVID AV Technology

How can you use AV technologies to shape the hybrid workplace? Take a look at these seven trends that will help you define your workplace transformation. 


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Start Your Journey Back to the Office

The traditional “9-to-5 work environment” is gone and in its place is a new work from anywhere ecosystem where workers flow fluidly between and within office spaces. So, how do you ensure your building is safe, healthy, and ready for occupation when teams do return? 


Customer Success Stories

Black Box works with clients around the globe to address the unique challenges of edge network transformation, including these impressive success stories.


European Co-working Company Builds Business with Black Box

Providing luxurious, high-functioning office space with the latest IT and support is the foundation of a European co-working company’s business. When installation at their latest location went awry, Black Box jumped in to complete the job in just six weeks, becoming a trusted partner for future locations in Europe and the United States. Read the full case study.


Municipality Adds Secure, Remote Access; Gains $1.1M In Productivity

During the lockdown, at a Northeast municipality employees couldn’t access files and applications remotely due to the absence of security features. Black Box provided a security platform that protected access to data for all users, devices, and applications. The result was a $1.1 million gain in productivity — plus millions saved by thwarting security breaches and ransomware attacks.

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Black Box is a trusted IT solutions provider delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class consulting services to business around the globe. For more than 45 years, we have helped clients reimagine their workplaces with technologies from all leading manufacturers so you get the best solution for your application. We can help your hybrid workforce return to the office, reconnect and collaborate seamlessly, and help you renew your network to build future-proof business resiliency.

The breadth of our global reach and depth of our expertise ensures you’ll get accelerated, standardized technology deployments at all your locations to meet your timeframes. You also benefit from our expertise and experience in handling and diffusing any problems due to worldwide supply-chain disruptions

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